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To learn from a pro means to learn from and with Andrea Schachinger

So much is certain. From the courses and Seminars by Andrea Schachinger, you take home a whole lot of valuable knowledge. Both theoretical AND practical. You will learn a lot and simultaneously profit from insights in the results of decades of research and the treatment of horses. To put it clearly, look forward to:

Exciting bits of theory and practice. Exchanging experiences with a well-known equine researcher and/or her licensed tuitors. Useful equine therapy knowledge. And all of this presented lively, vivid and in a sympathetic way. Because we dislike boring, dull courses just as much as you do.

Who attends our courses

People with a good basic knowledge of horses or animals in general. Veterinarians, Animal Physical Therapists, Equine Osteopaths, Equine Chiropractors. Because one cannot treat animals without solid basic knowledge.

After successfully finishing one of our seminars on professional animal health care, our participants receive their personal certificate. This doubles as the quality mark for the applied approach by means of the Schachinger Method®. It can only be obtained from us, the Centre for Dry Needling.

Professional seminar on Equine Dry Needling - Schachinger Method®

This course has been designed with veterinarians and professional therapists in mind, meaning: participants having solid knowledge of topological and functional anatomy of the motion system (focus point skeletal muscles) and neuro-vascular structures.

The explicit horse treatment method has been independently developed in co-operation with veterinarians, physical therapists and trainers in the Netherlands and Germany, as well as American doctors and scientists in humane medicine. Details of dog treatment and the transfer of equine knowledge to canine anatomy are covered in the seminar as well.

What you will learn / course plan / contents

  • Theory and overview of Dry Needling
  • Hygiene and hazards in Dry Needling
  • Basic theory of fysiology and patofysiology
  • Anatomy and palpation in vivo
  • Practical basics of diagnostics and triggerpoint therapy
  • Indications and contra-indications
  • Hands-on manual triggerpoint therapy training
  • Dry Needling demonstration and exercises
  • Transfer of acquired knowledge on anatomy and treatment of dogs

How you will learn / course setup / instructors

We work in small groups throughout this professional course. During hands-on training, an instructor is available for every three participants, helping you practise at the horse. This ensures non-stop feedback on your applied techniques.

You will be guided by trained specialist therapists, regularly attending internal and external follow-up tuitions to stay up-to-date on Dry Needling and the Myofascial Pain Syndrom.

Background information

Download our flyer on Equine Dry Needling and Andrea Schachinger's Method here!

What you will have learned, and be able to apply after seminar completion

  • The specific indicators of the Method for complaint-oriented practical application
  • Location of triggerpoints, effective completion of targeted manual identification
  • Adequate knowledge of clinical patterns of muscular triggerpoint activity and its radiation areas
  • Conscious exploitation and complaint-specific application of the technique's effective mechanisms
  • Ensure the application of hygiene protocols and specific contra-indications for Dry Needling by the Schachinger Method®
  • Knowledge of hazards related to Dry Needling and ability to carry out applicable emergency measures
  • Professional application of Dry Needling in practice, based on precise anatomical knowledge of neuro-skeletal systems and vains
  • Formulate therapeutic training advice for owners and riders

We provide you with original, solid knowledge and the latest findings on Dry Needling by the Schachinger Method®


International seminar 2024, 3-day professional tuition seminar consisting of theoretical and practical training includes:

  • Catering (lunch, coffee, tea, non-alcoholic beverages, snacks)
  • All training materials
  • Final examination
  • Certificate

995.00 Euros, VAT excluded *



The next international seminar will be held on 1-3 November 2024 in Boppard, Germany.

* Prices for German and Dutch-spoken courses differ

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